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Think Graphics journey started with an aim to give the most refined design and printing solutions. In 1986, Mr. Vinod Garg founded the company, and later his son, Mr. Suneet Garg joined to represent the company and added exemplary success.

The story doesn’t end here, keep reading. With the right skill and remarkable experience of 22 years, the father-son duo launched advanced In-house photography later. The whole idea behind this was to provide customers with distinguished photography services with the finest results.

The company has been in the industry for 35+ years. With proven exceptional branding solutions and services, Mr. Suneet Garg started with digital media services as they are every brand’s need today.

So, this makes us a complete 360-degree brand solutions company. Our services include Designing, Printing, In-house Photography, Web Development, Digital Marketing, and all kinds of brand management solutions. Being an old horse in the advertising and marketing industry, we have worked with discrete high-end and versatile customers. Think Graphics works with a customer-centric approach and develop ever-evolving concepts with the latest technology advancements.