All about Professional Photography

Why Businesses Need Professional Photography Today?

Every picture tells a story, every story needs a picture!

And great pictures come with skilled professional photography:)

How do you define the term Photography? Photography means “drawing with light”. To put it in simpler words, art or the process of capturing images using a camera or other digital mediums.

It is not just a form of art anymore and has become a quintessential part of our living. Photography has come a long way since its inception. The story and facts about its evolution are quite fascinating to discover. We will take you through them closely in this narrative.

Once upon a time! Let’s go back to the ancient times.

The basic concept of Photography began in the late 1830s in France. It has come a long way from the heavy, unhandy cameras to simple and compact digital means. The world’s first photograph was taken by a French scientist, Joseph Nicephore Niepce.

The first-ever camera known in history is the camera obscura. Researchers say the earliest cameras were used not to click but study optics.

For many years there was no trusted source or way to share images with the other person. In almost 200 years, cameras evolved from blurry photos to high-tech DSLRs and Smartphones. The first company to sell a commercial camera was Kodak in 1888.

Know these 20 Important Photography Terminologies –


Aperture – The part of a camera that opens to allow the light inside.
Focal length – This is the distance between the optical center and the camera sensor.
Aspect ratio – It defines the relationship between the image’s lengths as width: height.
The Golden hour – Is the first hour after the sun rises and the last hour before the sun sets.
Bokeh – A background effect created for pictures through wide apertures.
Shutter speed – This means how long the camera’s shutter is open & sensors inside are exposed to light.
White balance – Refers to the camera settings that control the color temperature of an image.
Blue hour – Is the time before sunrise or after sunset when the sun is just below the horizon.
Depth of field – Distance between the closest and the farthest object within the focused zone.
ISO – It is the sensitivity of the camera sensor to light.
Chimping – To repeatedly keep checking the camera display after every shot.
Composition – It is when different elements are arranged within a single frame.
Dynamic range – Is the range of an image between its highest & lowest light intensities.
DSLR – Digital Single-lens Reflex cameras. They are professional cameras that capture the images digitally.
Bracketing – This means taking several shots of the same image/scene using various camera settings.
Exposure Triangle – It is a triangle that comprises an aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.
Manual mode – This allows to set exposure manually instead of the camera doing it.
Viewfinder – A camera element to see the image you want to capture.
Post-processing – The process of editing the raw data post capturing using software like Photoshop, etc.
Raw files – This refers to the unfiltered, unprocessed, or raw photography data.

10 Reasons why businesses are in strong need of Professional Photography today –


A picture is worth a thousand words! Isn’t it?

Once perceived as a hobby or a mere side hustle is an important part of every business now.

Do I need a professional photographer and pictures? How will it benefit my business? How is it valuable? All these questions arise before you start.

For every business no matter what the specialization or industry is, professional photography is of utmost importance.

Know the Benefits–

• Professional photography builds strong brand identity.
• It gives a great first impression & authentic visual representation.
• Professional photography strengthens your brand foundation
• An asset for your business growth and success.
• It helps you have a better presence on the web.
• Professional photography highlights your products and forte beautifully.
• Gives a competitive edge and makes the brand stand out.
• Helps to create a good mood & welcoming positive energy.
• Adds value to your voice and ensure a great customer experience.
• Professional photography highly contributes to social media and all digital channels.

And, it is the need of the hour in the digitally advanced world today.

So, why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary? Go for it to add an edge and make your brand distinguished.

Coming to the end of this journal, I’m sure there are many more other valuable benefits of opting the professional photography. It will only add whenever and wherever you start to make your brand flourish.

Understand the facts, choose the right photographer, and witness the change. Hope this narrative contributes to your brand’s journey and answers the related queries.

Last but not the least: What words cannot express, a great picture can!

Happy Reading!