Why Saturday Dominates The Other Week Days

Saturday dominate

Saturday is a day that brings smiles to our faces. Let us understand why?

The human existences in ancient times have no proof. However, when the development accelerated and the world led to a politically, financially, and socially systemized civilization, someone invented the day of Sunday as a free day to force people to work through the rest 6 days of the week.

Being in the 21st century, we all are in a rat race. A majority of human has developed the habit of working throughout the week and enjoys Sundays as their weekly breaks. On weekdays, people don’t have time for anything due to the daily hustle. Hence, they work throughout the week and look forward to Sunday for relaxation.

However, people tend to excite by the excitement more than actually living in the moment they are excited about and the excitement stays at it’s peak on the day of Saturday. Sunday being next to Saturday makes Saturday always much happier than any other day.

In a survey, people were asked about their excitement while spending the weekend, here are some of the answers received from them that clearly shows how Saturday dominates the other weekdays.

They said,

  • The happy feeling of going to bed late and waking up late.
  • Allows spending some time with our loved ones.
  • Time for our hobbies, outings, and other leisure activities.
  • TV binge-watching and relaxation the whole day.
  • The perfect time for partying and taking a break from work worries.
  • A day away from the hustle-bustle of the daily routine life.