Why a Good Brand never drops its Marketing Budget?

If you are sitting on your sofa and watching TV on a relaxed Sunday, then you might didn’t even skip the ads. And why didn’t you? That’s because the ads on your screen are interesting and make you ask your buddies, have they seen these ads? There are so many ads we have seen, which we never forget and we call the ads by their brand names.

Even if a good brand finds stability, it never hesitates to spend on advertisements. Advertisements keep a name in existence and convey to their consumers or those who haven’t started consuming yet that they are here. It’s obvious that if we won’t hear about something we will automatically feel that the name has gone.

The concepts of advertisements depend on the reach of a brand. At a stage where only a few people know the name, a brand needs to tell them what they are selling, and at a stage where the name is widely recognized, a brand needs to tell them that they are still selling.

Talking about the marketing budget, Amazon has spent a whopper amount of 6.88 billion dollars in 2019, which includes the once in a while campaigns, regular advertisements, banners, and everything that comes around the sight of consumers. Furthermore, Google has taken it far deeper by spending an amount of 18.5 billion dollars in 2019 even after knowing that almost everyone who has a Smartphone uses it on daily basis.

However, there is a maxim that is widely popular telling the necessity of marketing.

There are more sayings out there like that delineating its importance.

A good brand suggests why one shouldn’t throw a cut in the marketing budget:

  • Your competitor can surpass you. What you are selling, your competitor is selling as well and your lack of presence around the sight of consumers and your competitor’s visibility will make them overlook your name.
  • Your consumers will automatically think that you have gone, even if you are providing your services continuously.
  • Without proper marketing you won’t be finding new customers. And your users are already falling, which will lead to a huge abatement in your business.