A toast to Womanhood


A toast to Womanhood

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A natural giver, a nonchalant reliever, a career-oriented individual and a strong performer. She possesses everything that makes it to be a number one winner.

With definite perseverance and resilience powers, a woman has it all by default in her. At the same time, we all know the real battles and challenges of a woman's life. Despite everything she still is the best home manager, we can have.

The journey and evolution of a woman's life have never been easy indeed. She is a daughter, a mother, a sister, a wife, and everything that one can be. Ironically, she has been the core reason for our existence too.

In earlier times, a women's contribution was limited to her house premises which is not the case anymore. She has stepped out strong and continuously proved her metal with meticulous hard work and commendable intellect in every distinct field and varied industry.

It takes a hell of a lot of courage to be driven with passion throughout without having a troublesome face. She endures pain with ease which is not easy at times. The transformations that she goes through when she becomes a mother is beyond words to express. God has probably designed and built her that way with all heavenly powers. Her life is full of adventures that are many times unimaginable and deserves applause for running through all the hurdles and daily roadblocks effortlessly.

She is here to stay and destined to shine bright, brighter and brightest every day. To sum up for all the lovely readers out there, any day would be a great day to celebrate women around us. This special day gives the right opportunity to felicitate and express joyous gratitude towards them.

Well, she is the everyday superhero for me, you & us. And She is within each one of us. Let us come together to celebrate womanhood and be cheerful cheerleaders on this Women's Day!!

Happy Women's Day to everyone!